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DBK Titan

Who We Are

Presentation and branding experts

  1. 3 decades experience in raising capital for a wide range of companies large and small (over $100 billion in transaction value with Rothschild & Co and DBK Financial Services)
    • Presentation, content and equity story writer for a range of Israeli corporations and academic publications
    • Valuation and modeling expert with 3 decades experience in global financial capital markets
    • Lecturer in writing at Oranim College
  2. 3 decades branding experience in global tech companies
    Brand Strategy
    Brand Identity
    Brand Experience

What You Get from Us

  1. Investor deck with zero hassle – we do everything for you (12 page pitch deck)
  2. Revenue, Cash flow and Cap table models that tell your equity story in numbers, builds your valuation, gets your numbers right for you and for investors
  3. Deep expertise for rapid and efficient results delivered (you will be investor ready in under a mont)
  4. Fully branded product – Sprint Branding


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Agile Branding for Agile Times

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