Titan branding Ltd. makes it our top priority to provide equal, appropriate, accessible and professional information to parties with which it associates, to others who take an interest in it, and to its customers.
The company acts and advances the subject of accessibility according to what is defined in the accessibility legislation, and views anyone with disabilities as inquirers/customers with equal rights, who are entitled to enjoy full accessibility to the assets and services of the company.

The purpose of this part of the site is to provide information about the company’s accessibility provisions.

The company provides parties who take an interest in it and to its customers, the option of obtaining information in accessible formats. The provision of the information is free of charge and is intended for people with disabilities.

For inquiries and information on the subject of accessibility, please contact the company’s accessibility coordinator, Ms. Michal Weiss-Navon, by telephone at 09-7731138, or by email at

Accessibility of the company’s offices– the company’s offices are located at 85 Medinat Ha Yehudim St. in Herzliya. The office entrance is accessible, and there are restrooms for disabled persons in the building.

Accessibility on the Internet Titan branding Ltd. places paramount importance to making its Internet site accessible to people with disabilities. The site was built in accordance with the Equal Rights for People with Disabilities Regulations (Service Accessibility Adjustments), 5773 – 2013 and the standard W3C’s Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.0, level AA.

The following is a description of some of the actions carried out in the framework of making the site accessible:

Accessibility menu – At the beginning of each page you will find an accessibility menu allowing you:

The site includes:

We continue to invest great efforts in making the site accessible. Nevertheless, it may be that parts of the site will be found to not be currently accessible. If you have encountered a problem or have a comment or question, please write to
Or send a letter to 85 Medinat Ha Yehudim St., Herzliya, P.O. Box 4180, tel. 09-7731138.

You may view the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.1:

To contact the company:
If you have any suggestions or requests please contact the company’s accessibility coordinator, Mr. Yoash, in one of the following ways:

Via email at:
Via telephone at: 09-7731138

The accessibility statement was updated on January 20, 2023.



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